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04 July 2011 | Uncategorized


First, thanks to all those who participated in the June 18 Class Culture and Cross-Class Communication! We learned a lot and it was exciting to meet some new folks who are interested in this work. Here are the projects and events we’re working on next …

July in the Bay Area:

  • Pilot “Classy Apples” with us! Think Again will be hosting several small gatherings to try out our new game, modeled on Apples to Apples, designed to start conversations about class in relationships. Get in touch if you’d like to participate!

August 15-16 at Pedagogies of Privilege conference, University of Denver:

  • “Nothing About This is Binary: Exploring the Complexities of Cisgender Privilege,” with Chase Catalano
  • “Class Culture and Classism in Campus and Community Organizing” with Toby Kramer

September in the Northeast:

  • Classism 101 at Smith College, tentatively Tuesday, September 13
  • Other tentative stops in Boston and NYC – stay tuned, or get in touch to book an event at your school/organization

Always Available at Your Place

Think Again specializes in creating workshops to the needs of a particular group, school, or organization. We have several topics available including:

  • Trans 101 & Transgender Competency (for human service providers, university staff, peer support staff, etc.)
  • Class Culture and Classism (for human service providers, student organizers, community groups, etc.)


Check out our detailed workshop descriptions, or see examples of our previous work. We’d love to build a trianing for you!

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