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01 December 2011 | Uncategorized


Think Again is going into semi-hibernation for winter … which only means that we are focusing on writing and research (see below), and doing fewer public events. If you can’t wait ’til Spring, just get in touch to schedule a training at your organization. Meanwhile, check out these resources (and feel free to share):


Available from Think Again:

Trans/gender and sexuality terminology list. We are always updating it as new language emerges and as we have yet more opportunities to explore what kinds of definitions are most useful to most people. Here’s our latest.

Transgender Etiquette Handout – At nearly every transgender awareness training we do, a well-meaning would-be ally asks, “But what do I say? What if I say something wrong?” If that’s where you’re at, read this handout.


Outside Think Again:

“We are the 99% – But Are We?” article by Michael Albert on (although he doesn’t use the words) class culture and the complexity of intra-99% class differences in Occupy/Decolonize movement spaces.

We are the 1% – We Stand with the 99% blog and collection of materials by individuals with wealth who support wealth redistribution.

Finally, more about our winter writing project: Chase Catalano and Davey Shlasko are busy selecting and editing articles for the 3rd edition of Readings for Diversity and Social Justice (the Transgender Oppression section). Have you read something short, brilliant and relevant that we should include? Let us know!

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