From our recent Trans* Trainings Trip

26 July 2013 | Uncategorized


“The information and knowledge I gained will help me interact with people better, with more respect and understanding.”

That’s how one participant described their learning from a “Trans 101” workshop they attended with Think Again’s Davey Shlasko a few weeks ago. Davey has been traveling in NY and MA to provide several of these trainings, and the response has been inspiring. Another participant said simply,

“It will help me be a better human.” Wow.

After one more workshop – this one for a class at SUNY New Paltz, on teaching gender theory through expressive arts – Davey’s headed back to the home base in Oakland to rest up and get ready for the next round.

And speaking of the next round, Think Again will be in the Northeast again in late August and early September. Get in touch now to schedule a session for that trip.

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