Open Workshops in Philadelphia, October 11-12

22 September 2014 | Uncategorized

Think Again is offering 3 great workshops through the William Way LGBT Community Center’s Way Gay U on October 11-12:

  • Exploring Class and Classism in LGBT Communities – This workshop is an opportunity to build dialogue about a topic many of us have been taught not to talk about: class and money. What class differences exist in our LGBTQ communities, and how do they play out? How have various stereotypes about LGBTQ communities obscured the realities of our complex class backgrounds and realities? How can we build bridges across class differences and create communities that embody economic justice?
  • Coalitions for Justice – “If you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” (Aboriginal activists group, Queensland, Australia, 1970s). The struggle for LGBTQI liberation is bound up with the liberation struggles of all peoples – the struggles against racism, poverty, religious oppression, and all other systems that seek to raise up some people by beating down others. In this session we will explore specific sites of commonality and opportunities for coalition, and practice skills and principles for working together effectively across differences of identity and experience.
  • Exploring Identity through Expressive Arts – Explore and express yourself! In this workshop, you will tune into your non-verbal artistic wisdom through drawing, collage, movement and reflection, to express aspects of your own identities and experiences that don’t usually get a voice.


Deadline to register is October 4! Sign up now at the Way Gay U website.

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