Hopeful Times

15 December 2014 | Uncategorized

These are hectic, hopeful, powerful times. Millions of people are mobilizing in mass protests against police violence. People who have been passively sympathetic to movements for social justice are starting to get mobilized. And we have a wealth of wisdom to draw on in doing this work in a respectful, responsible, complex and intersectional way.

If you have #BlackLivesMatter on your mind, we highly recommend this piece by Alicia Garza on the origins of the tag and the movement it represents. If you’re looking to contribute, one great option is to donate to Organization for Black Struggle, one of the longest-standing Black-led justice organizations working in Ferguson and St. Louis, and a key organizer of the recent actions there. And if your staff, student group, or community wants facilitation support to deepen your conversations about racial justice and intersectionality, get in touch – if we’re not the right fit for your group, we’re glad to help you connect with someone who is.

image of a person cutting pictures from a magazine to make a collage

Gender & Creative Expression – Workshop at ArtRage Gallery

Where has Think Again been lately?

In November we trained 80+ students and community members at Syracuse University in being an ally to trans community members, and led an arts-based gender exploration for a smaller group at ArtRage. We spoke with 100+ students and faculty at Oakwood Friends School about cross-cultural communication. And we explored coalition building with participants at SUNY New Paltz’s Multicultural Education Conference. Plus we got a nice shout-out in this articleon myths about people with nonbinary gender identities!

And finally, we are booking for Spring! If you are considering a staff training or campus event, please get in touch now so we can start to coordinate scheduling.

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