Break the Silence About Class: Cross-Class Dialogue Circles

18 February 2015 | Uncategorized

Mar-Apr 2015 – every other week for 6 weeks, time TBD by participants
co-hosted by ACT for Social Justice and Think Again Training
cost – sliding scale, determined by participants

The class divide in the US is growing and yet class is rarely talked about. Let’s break the silence! Cross-Class Dialogue Circles are a powerful way for people across the class spectrum to come together to talk about their experiences with class, listen to each others’ stories and perspectives, and then to work together as change makers for economic justice. Engaging with each other across class is empowering, healing and liberating. image of a group of workshop participants sitting in a circle talking

Davey Shlasko, of Think Again Training, and Angela Berkfield, of ACT for Social Justice, are co-facilitating Cross-Class Dialogue Circles. Davey is a facilitator, author and consultant, of mixed, mostly working class, class background, who has been working on classism and other social justice issues since 2000. Angela, who identifies as middle class with owning class privilege, has worked with a variety of organizations and groups on understanding classism and other social justice issues, with the goal of building movements for economic justice. 

If you are interested in participating fill out this application by Feb 21st.

If you are able to support this project financially see the indiegogo campaign. Donations of all sizes are welcomed!

Email or call 802-254-3400 with any questions.

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