2016 with Think Again

01 January 2016 | Uncategorized

What’s new?
This fall took Think Again all over the Northeast:

  • training dozens of staff, faculty, students and advocates at Hamilton College
  • training student leaders at Syracuse University
  • helping to launch a trans* inclusion task force at a K-12 independent school for girls
  • facilitating community-based Cross-Class Dialogues here in Brattleboro with Angela of ACT for Social Justice


Plus, check out Davey’s new article “Using the Five Faces of Oppression to Teach About Interlocking Systems of Oppression”

What’s next?

We are booked through January, and booking now for February through May. Get in touch now to inquire about training, assessment, and other consulting services. We’re always glad to travel to you, and some services can also be provided remotely.[Drawing of 3 people; one says 'He was saying that too!' while another looks down and away.]

Winter Sale
Do your new year’s resolutions include getting your friend, colleague, relative or client’s pronouns right? Should they? (Did you know that New York City now officially defines mis-gendering as discrimination?) Trans* Ally Workbook is on sale through January. Get it, use it, share it with a friend!

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