Starting the School Year Off Right

11 September 2016 | Uncategorized

collage of images: Davey speaking on a stage in front of 600 new students

Think Again has been busy busy busy helping schools and colleges start the year off right with social justice and trans inclusion trainings for students, staff and faculty at Mt Holyoke, LREI – Little Red School House and Elizabeth Irwin Academy, Hampshire College, Germantown Academy, UMass Amherst Intergroup Dialogue program, Babson College, and more.

cover image for Trans* Ally Workbook



To celebrate the new school year – and support trans students who might be put in a position of having to educate their roommates, professors, etc. –  Trans* Ally Workbook is on sale! Buy one / get one when you order a print copy from a .edu address, through September 16. (No code needed – we’ll see the .edu and know to send you an extra.)



5 people in casual discussion circle: a white man seated on the floor listening, a Latino man speaking and gesturing, a white woman with a baby listening, a white person gesturing and asking a question


We’re looking forward to a new Cross-Class Dialogue Circle in Brattleboro – this time, structured as 2 full-day sessions (some weeks apart) to accommodate a variety of work schedules. Sign up by October 11!


And of course, we’ree now booking for fall and winter – get in touch now to discuss a training/consulting package to help your organization take your social justice commitment to the next level.

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