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Winter Cross-Class Dialogue Circle

  Feb 4 & 18 and March 11 – 9am-3pm at The Root Learn more about the circles Sign up Donate The time has never been better to talk about class. Cross-class dialogue circles are a powerful way for people across the class spectrum to come together to talk about their experiences with class, listen to each […]

Starting the School Year Off Right

Think Again has been busy busy busy helping schools and colleges start the year off right with social justice and trans inclusion trainings for students, staff and faculty at Mt Holyoke, LREI – Little Red School House and Elizabeth Irwin Academy, Hampshire College, Germantown Academy, UMass Amherst Intergroup Dialogue program, Babson College, and more.     To […]

Spring Updates

  Sign up now for Queer Theory, Queer Practice: Queering Social Work. Saturday, June 18 at Smith School for Social Work, Northampton MA.Licensed social workers can earn 6 CE credits. Register here.   What’s new?  So much! Here’s a snapshot of Think Again’s work since January: Keynoted a student staff orientation at Iowa State University, with a talk […]

2016 with Think Again

What’s new? This fall took Think Again all over the Northeast: training dozens of staff, faculty, students and advocates at Hamilton College training student leaders at Syracuse University helping to launch a trans* inclusion task force at a K-12 independent school for girls facilitating community-based Cross-Class Dialogues here in Brattleboro with Angela of ACT for Social Justice   […]

2nd Cross Class Dialogue Circle Starts Soon!

at The Root Social Justice Center, Brattleboro Vermont Oct 7th, 14th, 21st  &  Nov 11th, 18th  &  Dec 2, 6-8:30pm Please join us if you are interested in learning more about economic inequality, your own personal relationship to class, how to communicate effectively about class, and how to work for economic justice. Facilitated by Davey […]

Comparing Women’s College Trans Policies

With several women‘s colleges making news lately by releasing new policies on transgender students, wouldn’t it be helpful to see how the different policies measure up? Think Again has created this handout showing similarities and differences across the colleges in terms of admission of trans women, trans men, and people with nonbinary gender identities, retention […]

Davey on Radio Q talking about singular they!

Did you catch Davey on Radio Q talking about they as a gender neutral pronoun? Listen here! Also, How Using They As a Singular Pronoun Can Change the World – updated and expanded – is now available for download as a pdf, print-ready and formatted as a little booklet that you can keep in your […]

Break the Silence About Class: Cross-Class Dialogue Circles

Mar-Apr 2015 – every other week for 6 weeks, time TBD by participants co-hosted by ACT for Social Justice and Think Again Training cost – sliding scale, determined by participants The class divide in the US is growing and yet class is rarely talked about. Let’s break the silence! Cross-Class Dialogue Circles are a powerful way […]

How using ‘they’ as a singular pronoun can change the world

Check out Davey’s article on Feministing! Hopefully, by now you know that calling people the pronouns they want to be called is a basic and necessary way to demonstrate respect for their identities. This includes learning to use non-binary pronouns, such as singular “they.” But using singular they is far more than a way to […]

Hopeful Times

These are hectic, hopeful, powerful times. Millions of people are mobilizing in mass protests against police violence. People who have been passively sympathetic to movements for social justice are starting to get mobilized. And we have a wealth of wisdom to draw on in doing this work in a respectful, responsible, complex and intersectional way. […]