Trans* Ally Workbook:

Getting Pronouns Right & What It Teaches Us About Gender




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This book provides the most thorough and useful guide available for trans allies who want help dealing with pronouns. Shlasko is masterful in providing nuanced explanations in a straightforward way, and offers useful exercises to help the reader gain proficiency in this, the most basic of support tools.

— Rex Butt, CUNY, author of Now What? For Families with Trans and Gender-Nonconforming Children


Do you want to be a good ally to the trans* community (or to a particular trans* person in your life), but find yourself struggling to use the right pronouns? It’s the most basic way to demonstrate respect for trans* people, yet so many well-meaning allies struggle to get it right.


Trans* Ally Workbook: Getting Pronouns Right and What it Teaches Us About Gender is an accessible, nuanced, and thorough guide that will help you transform your good intentions into respectful actions. It includes fun and meaningful exercises to retrain your brain so that you can consistently and easily call people the pronouns they want to be called. Along the way, you’ll gain valuable insight into how you think about gender.

Written by Davey Shlasko and illustrated by Kai Hofius, with book design by Sophie Argetsinger.




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