Workshops and Trainings


If you’re looking for a one-time workshop, check out the descriptions below. Think of the descriptions as examples, rather than as a menu. When you contact us about a training, we’ll talk through your situation and needs and work with you to design the perfect fit. We can also adapt the same workshop for several different groups within your organization, combine several topics into one training session, or provide an in-depth training of trainers to build your in-house capacity.

If you’re looking for something more, let’s talk. Think Again can provide a range of assessment services to identify training needs, policy consultation to identify gaps and develop fixes, facilitation of community decision-making processes, and so much more.



  • “Trans 101” / Transgender Identities and Experience
  • Trans Cultural Competence / Working Effectively with Your Trans Clients or Students
  • Transgender Oppression as a Social Justice Issue
  • Exploring Gender
  • Trans 101 Training of Trainers

Class and Classism Workshops

  • Intro to Class and Classism
  • Class Conversations
  • Cross-Class Dialogue
  • Cost-Sharing Process

More Social Justice Workshops

  • Acting Accountably in a Context of Oppression (Intro to Social Justice Frameworks)
  • Archaeology of Oppression
  • Sex, Culture and Community
  • Communicating Across Difference

Leadership Skills

  • Collaborative Leadership: Working Together to Make Stuff Happen
  • Communicating Across Difference
  • Training of Trainers