Workshop Descriptions: Skills Building


All Think Again events have an element of skills building. When your main goal is to help your group put their social justice understanding into practice, this is the page to look at. Since skills-based trainings often involve hands-on practice, they tend to require at least 4 hours.


Collaborative Leadership: Working Together to Make Stuff Happen

Does your student group have great ideas, and struggle to implement them? Do you have lots of enthusiastic members, but the same few people always end up doing all the work? Do interpersonal or political differences sometimes get in the way of getting stuff done?

Effective leadership and collaboration don’t happen automatically. There are specific skills, tools and techniques that can help you move your group from good intentions to coordinated, sustainable action.
This interactive workshop creates opportunities for student leaders to reflect on their own passions, skills, and leadership styles, and to explore and practice concrete tools for leadership in student groups.

Participants learn structures for decision making, delegating roles and responsibilities, building alliances, maintaining accountability and boundaries, and facilitating meetings. After this workshop, participants will have a plan for bringing their learnings back to the group, and working together to make stuff happen.

Adaptable from 4 hours to all day.


Communicating Across Difference (An Introduction to Dialogic Communication Techniques)

One of the most powerful ways to learn about social justice issues is simply to talk with each other openly in a diverse group. Of course, that’s not always as simple as it sounds. Differences in communication style among individuals and across cultures can make already-loaded topics even more difficult to talk about. This workshop introduces simple communication strategies that anyone to use to listen and speak more effectively about hot button issues. Participants begin using the new techniques right away as the facilitator leads them in a dialogue about a real issue that is salient for that group.

Adaptable from 2 hours to all day. Minimum 4 hours is ideal.

Training of Trainers

An advanced training for people who already have significant familiarity with their topic area, and want to learn how to present effective trainings within their organizations or communities. Participants will review facilitation techniques, practice leading the group in relevant learning activities, and receive coaching and feedback from the facilitator and each other.

One to two day training.